Build your e-commerce platform with AI & ML


The present-day technology has evolved a lot in such a way that it could transform the human lives to a greater extent. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have already made their stand in scientific research, defense and human-based innovations.

The present-day e-commerce industry is looking forward to developing a marginal outcome in terms of process automation, potential customer reach, and sales improvement, by involving artificial intelligence and machine learning. These technologies can enhance the customer experience with personalized customer platforms and product recommendations based on their browsing habits and past purchase history.

Statistically, 25% of e-commerce customer service industry solutions will he transferring themselves to the virtual connecting systems by 2020, says Gartner’s press release on February 2019. Supporting the above, a research report from Oracle said 80 percent of online selling businesses want chatbots by 2020. Along with that, 75 percent of customer interactions will be managed without any human involvement in a few years, they said.

These trends and numbers took the middle east businesses, to the thought of adopting Artificial Intelligence in their businesses for better understanding of customers and offering them enhanced experience, in order- to generate more sales and instant growth.

See how artificial intelligence could reallytake your business to long way

  • Creating customer-focused searches

An increased bounce rate for your app or website is not an encouraging insight. Customers tend to quit any app/website once they are not able to find what they are looking for. This happens when the business owner fails to provide customers the relevant product results. And the final outcome would be a steady drop in the sales value. A high performing, intelligent, local language processing system made out of Artificial Intelligence can help you in this situation. The technology can narrow, contextualize and finally improve the search results for online shoppers. With ML-based solutions, e-commerce apps and websites can have visual search elements that see the world as same as customers do.

  • More AI solutions designed for marketing, sales, and CRM

Nowadays artificial intelligence can he used to generate more leads as AI drives more timely intelligence when compared to the olden times. Timely intelligence is nothing but predictive marketing. With predictive marketing, your e-commerce business can utilize Al solutions designed for marketing, sales, and CRIVL

  • Artificial intelligence powered chatbots

Old sales methods, such as presenting business catalog and annoying potential customers, are being futile for a long lime. Growing organizations adopt innovative solutions for initial sales processes For any inquiry over websites, regardless of whether recurrent or technical, a highly skilled employee is a must, in terms of responding to the enquiries. He should be answerable for all inquiries and questions, with a proper understanding about customer nature. Artificial Intelligence powered chatbots offer totally new measurements in this regard.

Numerous online organizations have been in a need for a completely automated solution which can provide humanly responses for any query. However, Al can transform it by incorporating normal language and voice input abilities into a CRM. With a customized welcome message, the bot can proactively react to certain client practices and legitimately help you on explicit points. With these capacities, the website platform itself can answer clients’ questions, take care of multiple queries, and even detect a business opportunity.

  • Start Retargeting your Costumers

An Al implemented platform can wisely look at a larger piece of data to envision customer expectations even more precisely. Improving customer personalization casn help an online business in developing marketing strategies. Starbuck did that brilliantly. The famous coffee makers used AI to separate the data collected from customers to retarget themselves with better product recommendations. Other online business associations like Amazon, Netflix, and e Bay also uses AI-based propositions

  • Evolve Shopping to a ritual reality platform

Technology will evolve where the complete shopping atmosphere will be changed in a virtual reality platform. customers will be able to analyze products sitting in their home using a virtual reality headset, which enable them to make buys simpler.

The emphasis will be on bringing the shopping background very dose to the home. The A. I platform will find the customer preferences and interests, and after that utilizes this to advise them regarding the most recent items they may jump at the chance to buy. is an example of successful implementation of Virtual reality platform