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Use Conversational Commerce for Your customer engagement

Conversational commerce is the process of interacting with a brand or buying a product or service through non-traditional channels, such as voice assistants, SMS text and online and social media chat. Usually powered by artificial intelligence, a combination of technological advances and consumer preferences paved the way for conversational commerce to gain traction, primarily in B2C retail. emsoho makes it easy for businesses to sell products and answer questions in the world’s most popular messaging channels.

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Social media and electronic messaging apps are transforming the method we use travel services. they’re setting out to dominate as the preferred way to move, and where customers go, businesses should follow. conversation bots will increase the effectiveness of marketing initiatives. Where traditional content ends, conversation bots will continue the engagement, turning a one-time interaction into sustained brand interest. This power is especially useful for B2B sellers with long sales cycles and multiple people on the buying committee who must be convinced to engage with prospects based on their behavior and interests. Conversation bots can recognize interactions across multiple screens before a deal is ever closed.


AI & chatbots allow you to implement conversational commerce on a larger scaleChatbots won’t be able to replicate human interaction, they can complement certain aspects of communication. Based on event triggers and buying habits, here is how chat-based example of conversational commerce would look like:

A user lands on an online store looking to buy a new t-shirt
The chatbot connects with the user through Facebook messenger
The chatbot asking if there’s anything specific the shopper is looking for
After asking a few follow-up, the chatbot helps the shopper buy a shirt
The chatbot keeps the customer updated on the shipping status
Upon the delivery of the package , the bot confirms it
The bot runs customer nurturing activity by seeking product feedback

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