Technology Changes Dominates Business Thinking

What You Need To Know About Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation is yet another technology revolution which will transform the world economy, global practice and the way of living. Integration of digital technology into all areas of a business will fundamentally changes the way of doing business which leads to a complete Business Transformation.

The world is becoming more and more connected everyday by using internet and digital technology platforms. Digital Technology enables global connect, global purchase and global delivery of goods and services. It is important to develop a global business model by using the technology platforms to remain in the business of connected world. To succeed in the business going forward business leaders must embrace digital transformation. It is a new way of doing business through online by connecting people, sharing information, and delivering experience to create value for customers. The most challenging aspect of digital transformation isn’t the technology; It’s all about effectively managing change and getting people to embrace it.

IOT – Internet Of Things

Cloud based IoT platforms connects billions of physical devices around the world to the internet. Collecting and sharing Realtime and historical data. Thanks to technology, sensors, processors and wireless networks, it’s possible to turn anything, from a pill to an aero plane, into part of the IoT now. This adds a level of digital intelligence to devices that are enabling them to communicate without a human being involved and merging the digital and physical worlds to something called as “connected world”.

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Block Chain

A blockchain is a distributed database that is shared across a network of computers. Once a record has been added to the chain it is very difficult to change. To ensure all the copies of the database are the same, the network makes constant checks. Blockchains have been used to underpin cyber-currencies like bitcoin, but many other possible uses are emerging.

Artificial Intelligence

AI automates meeting schedules, confirmations, and follow-up for businesses. It’ll even reserve a conference room. The app integrates with unlimited calendars, allowing it to check availability, suggest appropriate meeting times, and interact with participants if schedules change. If your business requires a large number of meetings, the time savings here can add up quickly.

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Connected technology platforms will empower the world to do business globally.

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