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The world has definitely come closer thanks to the internet boom over the last couple of decades. This has enabled instant communication anytime, anywhere. With the giant leaps in the field of ICT, businesses across the globe have expanded the limits of their customer outreach.  Today, they include even remote locations that once seemed a far-fetched reality. Global trade has changed the way consumers spend thanks to today’s borderless business models. Most importantly, technology enables most of our daily needs, special purchases and even helps us to take care of our loved ones in distant countries. This has led to what we see today as Digital Competition for product and service companies!

Having your business identity online is no longer the basic mandate. This means that you are losing business if you cannot be available 24/7 and deliver the instant gratification that the consumer is addicted to in this age of hyper-connectivity. Add to that the SMAC environment – Social- Mobile-Analytics-Cloud that is deeply embedded in our lifestyle today. In 2017, an estimated 1.66 billion people worldwide purchased goods online!

We are entering the next big wave of evolution in technology with the emerging trio of technologies – IOT, AI & Blockchain. This will revolutionize the way information influences and dominates the power of our daily decision making. And the infectious nature of Social Media and AI driven marketing strategies means that change is inevitable.

Oorjit Go – The next-gen mCommerce mobile application

Let us take a quick look at how Oorjit Go – the AI-powered, device-agnostic mobile application can help you stay ahead of the curve. It can help increase customer delight through round the clock customer engagement tools. It continues to gain market share and retains your market leadership even while you sleep!

First, we need to understand the most important user group for your business –

Your Customer:

Your retail customer today is mostly tech-savvy, young, social media active and an intelligent shopper. Instagram, Uber, Airbnb, Spotify, Netflix, Alexa etc. fuel his instant gratification needs. The attention span and interest period to engage and take a decision are highly reduced. The chance to impress and convert is limited and driven by hurdles. Moreover, customer loyalty is no longer linked to the brand image. The choice of the consumer today is influenced by real customer reviews from around the world. More transparency means even new products and start-up companies can now claim virtual shelf space to compete with the big names. All of this at fractional marketing budgets. The consumer is truly the king! Consumers are enabling each other to pick a brand or product purely based on personal experiences and recommendations.

It, therefore, becomes important, that you grab the attention of the customer in the first chance you get. You must deliver a seamless experience and purchase journey. Right from the way they search, compare and review products to the journey from cart to payment and finally to delivery, a unified experience wins. Thus, the delight in the whole experience compels them to further review and recommend to fellow shoppers. This empowers customers making them the real brand ambassadors!

“Instant, Mobile, 24/7 and Effortless” should be your mantra to engage and increase your loyalty base and drive reorders and referrals to grow your business.

Why Oorjit Go?

Oorjit Go understands your consumer’s behavior through years of research. As a fast-growing e-commerce and mobile application development company, we have deployed omnichannel eCommerce platforms globally. Our e-commerce products have delivered the vision of a plethora of companies across different market segments and business models. Therefore, we know how the retail landscape is changing over time and our team of passionate techies are constantly upgrading themselves and our products. This helps us to always deliver the best ROI to our clients.

  • Chatbots and AI -We leverage the latest in tech to directly impact customer delight with 24/7 processing and availability. Thus, enabling highly reduced TATs and instant resolution to requests.
  • PWAs or Progressive Web App technologies give your customer greater freedom to access your business. This means,  you no longer have to fight for the crowded mobile app real estate within your customer’s device.
  • Native Android and iOS extensive mobile applications allow your customer to experience a deep and enriching shopping experience every time they connect with your business, no matter where they are.
  • AI powered personalization allows you to deliver millions of variations to your product displays. Customized and targeted marketing efforts help increase your conversion rates every time your customer engages with you either on your website or on your mobile app. This can fuel all commerce channels with precious data and insights leading to more conversions and retentions across the business.

What does all this mean to you?

If you haven’t yet taken mCommerce as a serious strategy on your business roadmap, it is not too late. Reap the benefits of engaging with your customer 24/7 and gain valuable insights on their shopping patterns. Drive online and offline sales with intelligence that continues to evolve and adapt. If you are new to eCommerce and do not know where to start, we are here to guide you from step zero. If you are a leading player in the online domain and are looking to augment your business and customer engagement, we can help you compete! We are here to help you leap ahead of the competition with innovative technologies and ideas to fuel your market share and leadership.

Who we are

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